Sculptures are initially created in terracotta by the artist and then edited in bronze following the "lost wax" casting process.

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The suffering of Pierrot ..... Arlequin seduced his Columbine.   Debussy dedicates his melody to Marie-Blanche Vasnier, his first muse, a married...

C'est d'abord

"It is first of all, light rumours", great air of The Calumny in Le mariage de Figaro. A work by Beaumarchais, set to music by Mozart.

C'est la méthode

Character from the tales of Hoffmann (comic opera) "Day and night I go to hell, at the slightest sign, I shut up. I sing pitifully, but I dance...


Slander, sir! You hardly know what you dispise; I have seen the most honest people about to be overwhelmed by it. Believe that there is no plain...

Charlie ! J'arrive...

He is lulled by Charlie Parker's melodies played regularly by his father. One day he approaches in secret the instrument of his dad, climbs on a...