Appellation "Original"

The artworks of Yvette Lamoureux produced under the category « ORIGINAL » are edited to the maximum number of 8 copies plus 2 « Artist proofs » (even if the composition or colour are not the same for each of the 10 pieces). 

The 8 artworks « ORIGINAL » are numbered 1/8, 2/8 etc.. in Arabic numerals.

The 2 « Artist proofs » are numbered EA I / II, EA II / II in Roman numerals.

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Adieu Garance

This character is inspired by Baptiste in the movie "The children of paradise". This mime is in love with Garance, a free and bold woman who...

C'est d'abord

« C’est d’abord, rumeurs légères… » from the air of Calumny sung by Basile. The work of Beaumarchais was set to music by Rossini in "The Barber of...

C'est la méthode

Character from the tales of Hoffmann (comic opera) "Day and night I go to hell, at the slightest sign, I shut up. I sing pitifully, but I dance...


Slander, sir! You hardly know what you dispise; I have seen the most honest people about to be overwhelmed by it. Believe that there is no plain...


A character from Offencbach's Tales of Hoffman.   The eccentric scholar hopes that his latest invention, a mechanical doll, will bring him money....

Dernier Acte

Without any doubt, the character represented in the most dramatic act of "Don Giovanni". He appears in flames, pursued by the statue of the...

Don Quichotte

Don Quichotte is a Hidalgo (nobleman) obsessed with chivalry; Sancho Panza, a peasant obsessed with food, is his squire. The first is a wandering...