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The main character of the verist work, Paillasse, by Leon Cavallo.    We find Canio discovering his Columbine in Harlequin’s arms. Sad and deeply...

Je ris je cours

I'm not cold anymore, I laugh, I run.   Ah! How agile we are at daybreak! I'm chasing a little fairy who’s wading through lights.   Poetry by Paul...

La Bayadère

A Heroine of the ballet set to music by Ludwig Aloisius Minkus, also known as Leon Minkus.   A dancer with a veiled face, moving in front of the...

Le veau d'or

Faust sold his soul so that it could be returned to him forever.    A representation of the Devil in Faust, Gounod Opera


A character from the Mozart’s Opera "Don Giovani"   A descendant of the Italian comedy.   A mediocre jack, grumpy, always ready to show his...


He is cunning, enterprising; he obeys only his whim.   He leads, commands, triumphs.   As a valet, he has the masters at his disposal and it is as...


Staging of the speech, the Ethos and the Pathos   In Aristotle's rhetoric, the pathos which means "suffering and experience" results in the...


…in the afternoon of a fauna,    from Stéphane Mallarmé, symphonic work of Claude Debussy.    What's more natural than body and movement ...    The...

Quoi qu'on die...

Molière, learned women - act III-scene II   « Ah! that « Quoi qu’on die» is of an admirable taste! It's to my mind, a delicious place. »