Yvette Lamoureux, sculptor and painter, has exported her works (more than 1000 bronzes) to over 35 countries. Discover the work of this renowned artist, inspired by opera, classical music, and the Comedia dell'arte. 

She set up her workshop at 73, Grand-Rue in Tourrettes-sur-Loup in the Alpes-Maritimes (French Riviera). It is in her gallery, located in this magnificent small medieval village, that she receives collectors from all over the world.

Yvette Lamoureux was raised surrounded by love in a rustic and adventurous environment, where intellectual and musical life held a great place.

The observation of the people around her, their character and their gestures, aroused emotions in her that would later determine her vocation as an artist.

She has always been passionate about sculpture and painting; for several years she attended Jean Druille's studio, 1st great prize in sculpture, boarder at the Casa Velasquez and teacher of Fine Arts in Toulouse.

After a rigorous and fundamentally classical teaching, the artist gives free rein to his imagination and builds characters based on the search for movement and expression. Many memories of his childhood reappear through the expression of the faces and hands of her subjects.

The theme of the "Comedia dell'arte" provides him with a considerable number of her characters: 

Pierrot, a simple valet in white livery, seems to represent for her the symbol of an unreal poetic purity and despair; she loves in him his timid aspect, the quiet accuracy of his movements and the profound wisdom of his despair.

Literature, dance, music and especially opera, for which she is passionate, are a real source of inspiration for her.

The whole of his work forms a magical world with as a model the human being in his various functions, and the critique of a society in which man is his own opposition